Discover The 9 Dopest Hip Hop Tracks Outta 5280

“Squared Off” is the newest project by the Block Bois. This mixtape features today’s hip-hop hits infused with that 5280 flow. Features 9 brand new tracks by the Block Bois.

Free to download. You can listen to the “Squared Off” mixtape anytime, anywhere.


  1. Walk It Like I Talk It (Kayoh, Konvik, Bean)
  2. Bank Account (Bean)
  3. Believe Me (Kayoh, Konvik, Bean)
  4. No Smoke (Konvik)
  5. Big Bank (Kayoh, Konvik, Bean)
  6. I Am (Kayoh)
  7. Taste (Kayoh, Konvik, Bean)
  8. We Dem Bois (Kayoh, Konvik, Bean)
  9. No Limit (Kayoh, Konvik, Bean)


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